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Well every topic needs a bit of an introduction to help you know more about what you are getting yourself into. And, thus in the same way I am going to give you a detailed introduction about what IP is before shooting off to the more pro information in stock.

Well if you have come looking for IP then there is very little chance that you may not be aware of what an IP address is. Hence, there is no use explaining what is an IP address here. We will straight away head to what is the business with and what it can do for us or why is it actually in existence. And I am very sure of the fact that by the end of this article you will have a very good grasp over the IP Address.

Introduction to

When it comes to IP Addresses and, it is better you have some knowledge about router and its contributions in the world of IPs. Thus, it is my advice that if you want to know everything about explained here. It is better you go on discovering a few things about what a router is and what it does.

So, without any further delay lets head back to business.

What is IP ?

In the most easiest term IP is basically a default IP address. The term ‘default’ because whenever you get a router for yourself to access the Internet, it is always this IP address that comes with your IP.

Let me elaborate this to you with a small walk through.

Firstly, when you first get an Internet Connection for your home or say company from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). It is normally recommended that you install a router too in order to access the Internet from any device. It is not really necessary to have a router, if you want to access the Internet. Although, you need a router if you want to connect multiple devices to a single network.

Now, this is where I would like to bring your attention to the modem which plays the main role in connecting your device or devices to the Internet so that you can access it and go on about browsing.

Most often people tend to confuse between what a router and modem is and what they actually do. So, the good news is once you clear than confusion between these two then understanding the rest of is no big deal.

A MODEM is basically the device that your ISP provider will provide you and it is the device which will let you connect your device to the Internet. But, the main disadvantage in a modem is that it only allows one device to connect to the Internet. So, if you want to get some more devices connected to the Internet. Then this is exactly where the ROUTER jumps in.

A ROUTER will basically play the role of the middle man or a MOM. It ll give each of your device a seperate IP address or a name in case of how a MOM would name her children. Now all these device / children can access this ROUTER / MOM for getting the same thing. It basically depends upon the ROUTER / MOM now how it or she shares the resources or internet among the devices / children.

This, is where the and the main part starts. Now, after you get yourself a router device. It is quite necessary that you get you can configure the router. Now, there are many such configurations you can configure in your router. Some of the most common configuration that you can manage are :

  • DNS and Proxy
  • Managing the network like in LAN,WAN and so on.
  • MAC
  • DHCP client and many more.

But, now the main question is how do you access the router’s administration page. This is where makes its final entry. Now, in order to access the router’s admin page all you need to do is simply type on your browser’s URL bar and Voila !!! You are straight away landed up to the admin page of your router.  Now what changes you do here is all upto you. Still, you do need to follow some protocols here and there to configure your router well so that it runs smoothly and as you desire.

So, that is the main conclusion fellas. The IP is mainly a [DEFAULT] IP set up by the manufactures of these routers. It is not necessary that all the manufacturing companies use as the default IP of their routers. Some even tend to use as the default IP addresses for their routers. Thus, overall and are the most commonly and widely used default IPs.

Cannot connect to (default gateway)

Usually you should land up to the admin page of a router when you access the default IP address of a router. But, many a times there are occasions  when you simply cannot connect to the default gateway. There may be several reason to why you cannot access the default gateway. But, to name some of the most common reasons are as follows:

  • Hardware Issues

Sometimes you may pick up a defective router which might not allow you to connect you to the default gateway. During such times it is a better option to try out a different router to know where the problem lies.

Also, there are times when a router might suddenly stop working or stop you from connecting to the default gateway. You can then simply go for troubleshooting and testing.

  • Assigning wrong Device Address

Well you must always be carful while setting up your router. It is conventional and advised to set up a router with as a static IP address. Doing this will allow other clients to access the address without any trouble

  • Never assign the same address for a client and router

This is one of the most important thing to keep in mind while setting up your router and configuring it. If your router uses a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) then it is really important to keep in check whether any device comprises of the same IP. Because, when such a IP conflict arises it causes network disabilities causing the temporary loss of connection.

  • The  ” CANT CONNECT TO (default gateway)”

You will get this type of message mostly because either the device is not connected or there is a technical issue or simply because you are searching for the default gateway in the wrong Network. Only if the device or router is present within the same network as you are trying to access, only then can you access the gateway.

That is all there was to know about IP (default gateway). I hope the information was what you came looking for. If you would like to add up some extra information or have some good advice for us to help us provide better data, feel free to comment under.

List of Default Username and Passwords

Router Name Default IPAddress Default UserName DefaultPassword
3Com n/a admin
3Com adminttd adminttd
3Com admin n/a
3Com root !root
ACC netman netman
ACCTON n/a 0
Aceex admin n/a
Aceex admin epicrouter
Actiontec n/a n/a
ADC Kentrox n/a secret
Adtran n/a n/a
AirLink+ admin admin
Aiway 0 n/a
Allied Telesyn root n/a
Allied Telesyn Manager Friend
Allnet admin admin
Ambit user user
Ambit admin password
Ambit root n/a
Amitech admin admin
Apple n/a n/a
Arescom n/a atc123
Arescom dsladmin n/a
Ascend admin ascend
Ascend n/a ascend
Asmack admin epicrouter
ASUS admin admin
Avaya root root
Bausch Datacom admin epicrouter
Bay Networks User n/a
Bay Networks Manager n/a
Bay Networks Manager Manager
Belkin n/a n/a
Belkin admin n/a
Benq Admin admin
Bintec admin bintec
Boson n/a n/a
Broadlogic admin admin
Broadlogic installer installer
Broadlogic webadmin webadmin
Buffalo root n/a
Cable & Wireless Admin 1234
Cabletron netman n/a
Cabletron n/a n/a
Canyon Administrator admin
Canyon admin 1234
Cayman Any n/a
Cisco cisco cisco
Cisco n/a san-fran
Conexant n/a admin
Conexant n/a epicrouter
Dell admin admin
Digicorp n/a BRIDGE
Digicorp n/a password
D-Link n/a n/a
D-Link or192.168.1.1 Admin Admin
D-Link n/a admin
D-Link admin n/a
D-Link user n/a
D-Link n/a 1234
D-Link n/a year2000
E-Con admin epicrouter
Edimax admin 1234
Efficient login admin
Efficient admin admin
Efficient Networks n/a hs7mwxkk
Elsa n/a cisco
Ericsson (Formerly ACC) netman netman
E-Tech n/a admin
E-Tech admin epicrouter
Flowpoint n/a admin
Flowpoint n/a password
Fujitsu Siemens n/a connect
Gateway admin admin
IBM n/a ascend
Infosmart admin 0000
Intel admin hello
Intel n/a babbit
Ipstar admin operator
JAHT Admin epicrouter
Linksys Administrator admin
n/a admin
Linksys admin admin
Livingston !root n/a
MacSense admin admin
Medion n/a medion
Microsoft BroadbandNetworking Routers alsoknown as “Base Station” routers admin admin
Microsoft BroadbandNetworking Routers alsoknown as “Base Station” routers n/a admin
Mikrotik admin n/a
Motorola cablecom router
Motorola admin motorola
Motorola admin password
Netgear admin password
Netgear admin password
Netgear n/a 1234
Netgear Admin 1234
Nokia m1122 m1122
Olitec admin admin
Olitec admin adslolitec
Pentagram admin password
Pentagram n/a pento
Pirelli admin mu
Pirelli admin microbusiness
Pirelli user password
Siemens superuser admin
Sitecom admin admin
Sitecom n/a sitecom
SmartSwitch admin n/a
SMC n/a n/a
SMC admin admin
SMC admin smcadmin
SMC n/a smcadmin
SMC admin barricade
SMC cusadmin highspeed
SMC n/a 0000
SMC n/a n/a
Speed Touch (Alcatel) Administrator n/a
Speedstream admin admin
T-Comfort Administrator n/a
Teledat admin 1234
Telekom Malaysia ZXDSL ZXDSL
Telekom Malaysia ADSL expert03
Teletronics admin 1234
Telnet n/a n/a
UNEX n/a password
US Robotic admin admin
US Robotic admin n/a
US Robotic root 12345
US Robotic n/a 12345
Westell admin sysadmin
X-Micro super super
X-Micro 1502 1502
Xyplex n/a access
Xyplex n/a system
Yakumo admin admin
Zyxel admin admin
Zyxel admin 1234
Zyxel n/a 1234
Zyxel n/a n/a

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