Linksys Default Admin Login

There are a few number of host addresses( there which may be used to access the web interfaces of a particular router or sometimes more commonly known as the “Admin Panel”.

Why you need the Admin Panel ?

You need to access this Admin Panel so that you can configure your router according to your convenience. Now, there are a few important IP addresses which can be used for accessing these admin panels of your router. They are as follows :

Why do you need to access the router’s Admin or Setup page ?

Well this may not be a very bright question to ask or in fact answer. You obviously need to access the router’s admin page for a couple of reason, out of which the most important of all may be the reason that you want to have control of who ever is accessing your internet or if you do not want to allow just any random guy to access your internet without your permission.

Thus, to put a check over all this it is a very good idea to have a little knowledge about how to access the admin page of your router and to modify it according to your desire. Obviously, there is nothing to loose in learning something useful. Right ?

Now, the most obvious thing is that if you are accessing your router’s admin page then you abviously want to check and configure the advance settings in your router. Because that is where all the fun part takes place.

Apart from all the configurations you can put your hands on the most common and most important configuration of them all and also which may be provided by almost all the routers is the ability of being able to ” set-up a wireless security for the router network “.

Checklist before accessing your Linksys Router Admin Page

  • Firslty, in case of the Linksys Router it is advised that yuo use some kind of physical connection between your PC and the router. This is asked as it allows you to ensure a stable connection vbetween your PC and your linksys router.
  • Secondly, if you want to access the router admin page by means of a wireless device such as your laptop or mobile phones then first of all ” forget ” all other connections previously connected through your device. Then connect it to your Linksys Router’s Wi-fi.

How to access the Admin Page ( ?

Well I have laid down all the steps in detail for you to be able to access your router’s admin page.

  1. Click on your Internet Browser. It can be any browser as long as you are comfortable with it. Then go to the address bar or URL bar and type in the following IP address.


And press enter.

Note : Sometimes you may not land up in the admin page of your router. There may be a number of reasons for this to happen. The most common reason may be that the IP address of your router may be different or that it may have been changed at some point of time.

Incase such an ocassion arises, than you have to reset your router to its default settings.

You can look for how to check the local IP address of your Linksys router here. [link]

  1. Once you get into the ” Setup page ” or ” Admin page ” you have to enter your credentials in the Username bar and the Password bar.

The default password for your router is ” admin ” unless it has been changed prior.

Now, once you are all set with changing the password and personalizing your router according to your desire, you are all good to go.

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