Comcast Xfinity Login Router IP Default Password

Comcast Xfinity Login, one of the leading providers of cable television, internet and wireless services has provided these services for quite a long time. The products have always had a very good reputation within its users and we hope it continues to do so too.

However at times it becomes a bit confusing or hectic on how to fix or set up your own comcast xfinity router in your house or office. Today, in this article we will just look into all this. We will try to help you with a step by step procedure of everything from setting up your own Comcast Xfinity router to running it smoothly.

Comcast Xfinity Login

Well to log into your Comcast Xfinity profile is actually a very simple task. It is just like any other account login in procedure, where you have to enter your Email or Username in the Username bar and your password in the password bar.

It then takes you to your account page where you can manage and make changes to your plans and so on.

Here you can manage everything from  paying your bills to adding up other kind of subscriptions.

Xfinity Router default Password

Xfinity routers just like any other routers come with pre-defined factory credentials in case of usernames and passwords. So almost all the routers manufactured by Comcast should most likely have the same Username and Password when it is installed for the first time and no changes are made to these fields prior.

The default router passwords in most cases should be : ” password ” itself.

Now lets see how to change the wifi Username and Password.

How to change Xfinity Router Username and Password ?

  • Firstly, go into you web browser and then type in one of the following address in the web broser’s address bar :
  • After you type in any of the above addresses in the address bar, next you will be directed to the admin page.
  • Now, go to the ” Gateway ” and then go to the ” Wifi ” option under the Connection tab. Then press on the Edit button.
  • Here go to the ” Netwrok Name ” and change the name to your desired name and then go to the ” Network Password ” and type in the required password of your choice.
  • Lastly, press on the ” Save Settings ” button after all the changes have been made.


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